Volkswagen Golf VII, the best Golf ever, was unveiled at a ceremony in Berlin and officially at the Paris auto show in 2012.

The first generation Golf was released in 1974. Although it became a big success, the management of Volkswagen was pretty nervous, because it was the successor of Volkswagen Beetle, one of the world’s most successful cars. The Golf is still a “people car” (translation of Volkswagen), on the road you see many variants next to the normal Golf like Golf station wagon, Golf Cabrio and Golf Plus. The new generation Golf is safer, lighter, more advanced, more spacious, more efficient and better equipped than previous generations of Europe’s bestseller of which over 29 million have been sold since 1974.

Golf VII is 23% more economical than its predecessor thanked to its weight reduction of 100kg and extremely efficient engine. The Golf BlueMotion uses only 3.2 liters per 100km with a really low CO2 emission of just 85 grams per km, so with a 50 liter tank it has a theoretical range of 1,563km.

The Golf VII is awarded 5-Start Euro NCAP rating thanks to various safety improvements like Lane Departure Warning (keeps the vehicle on the road), PreCrash (recognition of dangerous situations), Multi Collision Brake and Front Assist (automatically brakes or accelerates the vehicle depending on traffic conditions). These safety technologies make use of cameras, which are integrated in the Saint-Gobain Sekurit windscreen.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit is the OEM supplier!